AlphaSystem™ for motors

Accurately monitor all critical health indicators of an electrical motor with a single speed sensor

AlphaSystem™ is suitable for electric motors and drives. It monitors the condition of several motor parts and detects electric issues as well as rotor shaft misalignment.

AlphaSystem™ provides condition indicators that signal misalignments and imbalance, overload, unbalanced power supply and bearing fatigue. Potential failure modes are broken rotor bars, mass unbalance, air gap eccentricity, winding failures, single phasing, overvoltage, undervoltage, reverse phase sequence, earth faults, short circuits, crawling, lubrication issues, electrical erosion and arcing.


Product features

  • Four indicators for mechanical and electrical health
  • AC & DC motors and generators
  • Compatible with sine or square wave driven motors
  • Only one sensor required