AlphaSystem™ for engines

Easily monitor the condition of several engines simultaneously
with accurate condition indicators

AlphaSystem™ is a multi-engine diagnostics solution. It is suitable for all kinds of combustion engines and fuel types. It analyses the overall thermal and mechanical operating condition of the engine and provides cylinder specific data.
AlphaSystem™ provides two global condition indicators for the mechanical and thermal condition of the engine. Cylinder specific indicators are available for deviations in compression, injection timing and condition as well as the dynamic behaviour of bearings and moving parts. Additionally, AlphaSystem™’s supplemental general indicators provide information on mechanical stresses, mechanical engine imbalance,
dynamic torsion of the crankshaft, power imbalance between cylinder banks, power losses and torsional vibration damper activity.


Product features

  • Two and four stroke engines
  • Up to 24 cylinders
  • Inline and V-type engines
  • Diesel, natural gas, gasoline and heavy oil engines
  • Cylinder-specific diagnosis requires only two speed sensors
  • Existing speed sensor signals can be used if available

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