alphatorque is used to determine static and dynamic torque on shafts of all diameters and speed ranges. No electronic parts have to be installed on the shaft. The system is easy to install, both on new installations and shafts that are in operation.
After ananlysis of the acquired measurement data, alphatorque provides the following information:
  • Static Torque and Dynamic Torque values.
  • Power calculated from the torque measurement and speed of the shaft.
  • Shaft Health: This indicator is derived from dynamic torque - high values of dynamic torque are a sign of shaft fatigue.
The indicators can be viewed graphically (see example report), stored numerically or passed on to other systems via defined interfaces and communication systems.
Typically, only 2 speed sensors are needed in order to use alphatorque. The two sensors should be installed at least 250 mm apart, and they should deliver 30-60 impulses per revolution.