Defects in electric motors can be caused by over-current, overheating, vibration, low resistance, dirt etc. alphamotor provides 4 health indicators for the motor: Stability, mechanical stress, electromagnetic stress and bearing condition. This allows the operator to detect potential faults early and avoid reductions in lifetime or costly repairs.
After ananlysis of the acquired measurement data, alphamotor provides the following condition indicators:
  • Stability indicates issues regarding alignments and imbalance. Potential faults under this classification are broken rotor bars, mass unbalance, air gap eccentricity, rotor winding failure, and stator winding failure.
  • Mechanical Stress indicates mechanical fatigue. It can be affected by a misalignment of the shaft.
  • Electromagnetic Stress: Potential faults under this classification are unbalanced supply voltage or current, single phasing, under or over voltage or current, reverse phase sequence, earth fault, overload, short-circuit fault, and crawling.
  • Bearing: The vast majority of bearing failures in electric motors are due to mechanical and thermal causes. Such causes can be inadequate lubrication and contamination, damage from vibration, damage caused by improper installation and set-up, insufficient bearing load and electrical erosion and arcing. This indicator is a sign for degradation of the smooth rolling motion of the bearing.
The indicators can be viewed graphically (see example report), stored numerically or passed on to other systems via defined interfaces and communication systems.